Parenting Poems, Vol 2

The No-Nap Blues

You used to sleep so easily

in crib, on walks, on laps;

but now it seems that somehow

you’ve forgotten how to nap.

I rock you sweetly in my arms

and lay you gently down:

your eyes pop open, on all fours,

you’re ready for the town.

Its not that you don’t need the sleep;

in fact, if I am frank,

the lack of daily slumber

makes you something of a crank.

It seems you’ll only find your nod

when nestled on my chest,

but mommy’s got some shit to do

(though I do enjoy the rest).

In thirty years you’ll wish you had

more time to rock a snooze,

but now your wide eyed wild ways

give mom the no-nap blues.




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